Our Animals

We cant get enough of our animals, and there are lots on the farm for you to meet.

Our chickens provide lots of fresh eggs every day, our rare breed sheep are very friendly and this year we have 10 lambs and counting, including Violet our very cute bottle-fed lamb. We have two piglets Amanda and Dally who are always happy to see you especially at feeding time. You can often find the farm cat Toffee wandering around the cottages looking for some attention. We also have horses and dogs. We even raised two pheasants last year during lock down who can still be seen meandering through the veggie patch on a regular basis.

If you want to get close to animals and nature then look no further.  We are always happy for children and adults alike to muck in and get close to the animals on the farm.

The wildlife is just as interesting, we have a resident herd of Roe Deer in our top fields that often wander down to the woods by Treetops and Wood View.  We have seen Barn Owls hunting by the fire pit.  Every night you will hear the Tawny Owls calling to each other.  As well as regular visitors such as foxes, hedgehogs and the occasional badger.

On the moorland next door you will also see the wild ponies and highland cattle, we are yet to see the Beast of Bodmin, but you can hear it some nights!